Cub Camp

So Zak and Maisey are at cub camp (although Maisey is a beaver!!!). Maisey was excited about going and is not atall worried!!! Zak on the other hand,....... he started crying an hour before we had to drop him off!! This is his fifth cub camp and he seems to get worse on every one!!! When we left him he was crying and saying "take me home, I want to go home". So hard to know what to do as a parent!!! I want him to have fun and get used to being away from me. He is so sensitive and I always think its because of all the change when we moved from Stoke to Rugby to Coventry and he did three schools in three years, but maybe it's just Zak and that is him!!! I am praying that he has a great time at camp and actually enjoys it and feels peaceful. It's hard sometimes knowing what to do as a parent!!!

Bike and Blog

I have been looking back on my earlier blogs recently and seen what an amazing account it is of when the kids were little, and that maybe I should blog again more often as a record of the kids growing up. My Mum keeps a file on her computer of all the things that the kids say, and I am so grateful to her for that.  Soooo...,.I think I will try and blog more, and I think I can do it from my phone now as well!!

Today we decided to go on a bike ride to get Maiseys confidence up and she had gone a bit rusty from last year. We cycled up to the Greenway in Burton Green along that to Kenilworth where we had coffee and lunch, then cycled back along the new cycle path to the University and back home. A total of 12 mils. Maisey was amazing!!! When I took her out last week round the block she fell off 3 times, but today she was going up steep hills, on the road and everything!! A super star!! On the way back we cycled through a field of cows - I love cows!!!

I have got very lazy about exercise over the winter and from Monday I am starting to cycle to work again!!!!

Hopefully I will see you soon!!!


I was a very lucky lady and got quiet a lot of money for Christmas. My idea was to buy a new handbag, (probably a Radley) I love handbags!!!!!

My very wise husband suggested an e-reader instead of a handbag!!! I have been against e-readers because I get all the books I read from the library so why would I want to start buying books to read on an e-reader? But then Jon told me that if I bought a Kobo, rather than a Kindle then I could borrow books from the library to read on it - WOW! So I bought one!!! I bought one with a backlight as I thought it would be very very useful when we are camping, and I read a lot when we are camping!!

The first book I read on it was a library book 'Boy Racer' by Mark Cavendish, it took me about three months to read, which is nothing to do with the book, but just how busy I am!!!! It was an interesting book but nothing to shout about!!!

Then for my birthday Jon and my lovely girly friends gave me some vouchers to buy e books, We were away on holiday last week and I read Gervase Phinn 'Trouble at the' Little Village School' which is a sequel of the one of his read last year. I read it in a week, holidays are good for reading!!! It was fab, and I LOL on many occasions!!! I don't think you would find it as funny if you didn't work in a school!!!


The book I missed out war the help! Great book!

books again

I have forgot to write books on here so I think I've missed a few out. I've just finished the little village school by Gervase Phinn. I loved this book, very funny and asI work in a school very true to life!!!

I also read over the summer Home to Roost by Tessa Hainsworth. It is third in the series and all of them I have absolutely loved. 

Still think there are a few missing, will try and rack my brains. Shame there is not a record of your library loans on your online account.


This book has taken me ages to read, not because it was a bad book as it is a very good book!!!! I've just finished The Kite Runner - fab book and would recommend as very good read.



Easter Holidays

We broke up from school last Thursday on Maundy Thursday. It was fantastic being in school during Holy Week, and especially the assembly on Thursday morning where Holy Week is re-in-acted which is always so so powerful and thought provoking and makes you so amazingly thankful for what Jesus did.

Since we have broke up I have mostly slept!! It was really busy leading upto Easter with all the extra things in the schools I work with in my Church job. I think I just have been going full blast all term that I am just super tired.  

It was nice to get out and dig a bit of the veggie patch this afternoon. My purple sprouting broccoli was a huge success this year so def going to grow that again this year. Maisey really enjoyed helping me although Zak was not to keen today. I was reminded why I always wear gloves when gardening though - my hands have been so so rough ever since, I've applied about 6 doses of handcream!!!

Sorry boring blog post really!!!


I got Shadows of the Workhouse out of the library as I had loved the 'Call the Midwife' series on BBC 1. I thought this book would follow on from the TV series as it is the next book that Jennifer Worth wrote after Call the Midwife. But all the stories in it were covered in the TV series, so I kind of skim read the whole book, reading some bits in more detail.

Trafficked by Sophie Hayes I have just read in hardly no time atall. I really did not know hardly anything about 'trafficking' and it really opened my eyes big time to what it is, how it works and how this amazing lady Sophie came out the other side. A very good book that really is worth a read. Lets hope more is put into place to stop this horrid thing happening.


| | Comments (3) a horrible horrible disease. Over the last week I have know (not close friends) but know of 3 people my age who have died from cancer - two of them only being diagnosed at Christmas. My Uncle has also been diagnosed with lung cancer and is waiting to start chemo.

Yuck yuck yuck